"It's truly been a blessing for our bodies"

“My fiancé has had back issues for years. He finally decided to try something different and saw David. It’s like he has a magic button. The pain is basically gone and he can move much more freely on a daily basis, and is like a different person! I also have seen David for ongoing shoulder/posture issues from working at a desk for over 10 years, and my body has never felt better. Amazing staff, atmosphere, and location is great! I recommend to so many people, it’s truly been a blessing for our bodies! Thank you!”

Amy Cohoon

"I now feel empowered"

“I am so grateful that I followed a friends’ advice and I visited Maritime Osteopathy after an injury became resistant to healing and really was limiting my activity. I went in apprehensive and came out with a while new outlook on my body and my own ability to heal!

Erica takes time to really pinpoint where the problem is coming from and not only helps to heal the injury, but also teaches how to prevent it from happening again.

I now feel empowered thanks to Maritime Osteopathy and I listen to my body and practice the techniques taught by Erica Poole.

It is a relief to know Maritime Osteopathy is always there when I need them!”

– C. Wagner

"Jennifer was fabulous with my 3 month old son."

“Jessica was fabulous with my 3 month old son. He didn’t mind her or her treatments at all and was an entirely different baby afterwards. Very helpful and knowledgable.”

Kortney Danielle

"Erica and her staff are amazing!"

“Erica and her staff are amazing! I have been greatly helped at Maritime Osteopathy, and have recommended numerous friends who have also been helped. When my daughters visit from BC, an appointment or two with Erica is high on the priority list! Thank you Maritime Osteopathy.”

David Stobbe

"Without her and staff at Maritime Osteopathy I would have never gotten through my pregnancies"

“My daughter Amelia had pretty difficult time coming in to this world, and mama had an even tougher time getting her here. Amelia was very colic for the first 3 month or so. We had her on baby Zantac for reflux, but were always told she there was no cure for colic. We took her to Erica and with one treatment, for the first time, Amelia did not cry inconsolably from 5PM – midnight that night. Slowly Amelia was able to completely come off of the baby Zantac and had no more reflux. Our second, Carter, was a very gassy baby as well and seemed to cry a lot in the evening with what seemed to be gas pains. I remember one family get together at my parents and Erica held Carter on her lap for a good hour and just placed two fingers on his little belly while he slept and with ever so much concentration worked her magic and expertise on him all the while he proceeded to “toot” away on her. He was a very happy baby that evening. And now for mama, with my second pregnancy I had excruciating sciatica. I worked in Lunenburg at the time and the 15-20min drive to and from work days would bring me to tears, having to sit in the same position for that long. Erica told me my little monkey was taking every little bit of space I had available and pushing up against nerves, organs, you name it! But someone she managed to provide me relief for the last 2 months of my pregnancy. Without her and staff at Maritime Osteopathy I would have never gotten through my pregnancies and first few months as a new mom!”

-Nicole Knickle-Hatt

"These wonderful people, didn’t just give me hope, they GAVE me back my confidence in my abilities"

“I have been runner for over twenty-five years.I’ve run hundreds of races, including sixteen marathons, one of them being Boston. I started in my late thirties and I’m still running at sixty years of age. I wouldn’t have been able to write that statement if it weren’t for Maritime Osteopathy. In fact, last winter I had practically given up. I had gone through a severe emotional upheaval and I was a physical and mental wreck. In an attempt to create some sort of normalcy in my life, I tried to maintain a running program. This was impossible. I had broken my foot the previous winter and partly as a result of that, I had leg and hip imbalances that made walking, let alone running, painful and frustrating. I tried physio, prolo shots, chiropractic, rest, anti-inflammatories, taping, more rest, swearing, none of which helped for very long. My body was beginning to feel battered from being repeatedly stretched, poked and prodded, and my spirits were just as beaten down. Why I didn’t go to an osteopath sooner is beyond me, but for some reason, one day I threw my hands in the air, caution to the wind and made the call. A wonderful Australian named Robert, added me to his caseload. The first visit was like lifting a heavy load from my shoulders. Instead of being told that I should consider walking as opposed to running, and that my aging body was going to defeat and define me, he said “We’ll get you back up and running again. It’s not your age. We’ll fix what’s wrong and you’ll be ok. I cried. He was right. Everything was fixable. He worked his osteopathic magic with a healthy dose of humor, and got me on the road to recovery. When he left for a new job, I continued with his colleague Andrew, another wonderful osteopath. And now I go for occasional tune-ups with Erica, whose knowledge, patience and care mean the world to me. I run, I swim, I bike, I hike, I dance, I jump for joy. I’m even contemplating marathon number seventeen. I highly, highly recommend Maritime Osteopathy. These wonderful people, didn’t just give me hope, they GAVE me back my confidence in my abilities. They helped me feel strong and dare I say it…younger again.”

-Laura Roblee

"chronic back pain for years"

“My husband had dealt with chronic back pain for years, has undergone 2 back surgeries the last one being a spinal fusion leaving him on extreme medications for years. He finally took my mothers advise and went to maritime osteopathy for treatment as he, as well as a whole lot of people, are such skeptics of this type of treatments. When my husband came home from his first appointment he said he was pain free, it was the first time in at least 10 years he could walk pretty normal without pain. It was extremely emotional for both of us. Now it didn’t fix him completely the first time and he is still not completely fixed but he has been off the extreme meds for 2 years and is able to do things he couldn’t before. I am so glad there is this type of treatment, it saved my husbands life. :)”

-Tiffany Surette-Robar

"Henryk is a very happy boy"

“Erica and her team have helped myself, my husband and our son Henryk with various ailments from head to toe since 2007. Henryk was getting blue hands and feet last fall when he was only 6+ months old, my family doctor was on sick leave and wasn’t sure if he would take it seriously or not, so I decided to take him to Erica. After thorough exam Erica was stumped as to why but after further exam and some research she not only figured out the problem but treated it!!! I have also managed to have 2 wonderful pregnancies and deliveries due to the greatl treatments I received during both of my pregnancies. I have referred many people to Maritime Osteopathy including my mother. They are all so kind and knowledgeable…I can’t say enough great things about them. I love them so much I agreed to be in one of the pamphlets when I was over 8 months pregnant (haha).”

-Henryk Tenwolde