Our team is an enthusiastic, supportive group of Osteopaths from regulated Osteopathic educational institutions in the UK and Australia. We maintain the highest standards of continued education; we enjoy developing our experience and consistently communicate with the world of Osteopathy. Our full time education was extensive, culminating in an Osteopathy Degree. Our training included anatomy, physiology, as well as clinical training. We have advanced training in the detailed examination of the musculo-skeletal system and the mechanics of the human body, as well as the manual skills for diagnosis and treatment. We also believe in supporting the awareness of Osteopathy here in Nova Scotia and its development in the primary health care network as it has been in the countries where we were educated. We work together as a collaborative team supporting every aspect of the functioning of the clinic.

You can trust in our training and care and that we will be honest with you as to our expectations of treatment for you. We maintain good communication with local doctors, specialists, and healthcare professionals, should further investigations be necessary.