Jennifer Sparks


Manual Osteopathic Practitioner

I chose to become an osteopath after reading about the principles and philosophy behind this mode of healthcare.  The ideas that our bodies have the inherent ability to heal, and that physical, mental and physiological health are intricately interlinked as part of one unit are not unique to osteopathy, but I think they are often sadly forgotten or lost within the crowded field of medicine.  Osteopathy attracted me not only because of how sensible this all seemed, but also because I enjoy the skill of working with my hands (and without drugs) to effect change.

Although I knew what I wanted to do, it was several years before it would become possible for me to begin my training; on the way I completed a degree in Social Anthropology and worked in a professional ballet school.  My osteopathic training was at the British School of Osteopathy in London (UK) and was broad in scope, offering me the opportunity to work with an extremely wide range of people and conditions.  I have considerable experience working with and enjoy treating the elderly, and I am looking forward to developing my paediatric skills.

I love learning about new people, places and cultures and that means that I like travelling too; living in Europe makes that easier, but I have also worked in Malaysia and was therefore able to explore south-east Asia.  Lots of my family members are sprinkled across western Canada and I have visited them before (and loved it!), but joining Maritime Osteopathy offers me my first chance to visit the east coast.  Having lived in London for the past nine years I am very excited about spending time outdoors with fresh air, big skies and the ocean, as well as getting to know a new community.


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