Erica Poole


Manual Osteopathic Practitioner

I became an Osteopath in part through my fascination and enjoyment of working with people and my interest in health, science, and art. After meeting my Osteopath when I was 14 years old in the UK for headaches, I was in love with the beauty of the consideration taken to understand me as a unique individual with a history and life that reflected that.


After graduating with my degree from the British School of Osteopathy, I moved to Nova Scotia. My family had strong links in Canada, and as a child, the beauty of Nova Scotia and its infectiously happy people overwhelmed me.


I opened Maritime Osteopathy in November 2006 to develop a space that gives the patients seeking the highest quality of Osteopathic care a positive, healthy environment in which to receive it. Since, I have developed a belief in an Osteopath’s involvement and role in the community. We have developed strong communications with our local hospital, doctors’ groups, and other private health care providers, creating links into the primary healthcare network that best supports our patients.


I believe completely in the need for an individual to be given time and be respectfully listened to, in order for the Osteopath to fully understand and help guide them to a standard of excellence in their health.

Erica Poole

I have enjoyed developing a team of like-minded individuals and believe strongly in investing in the education and time that best strengthens the Maritime Osteopathy team to support our community in the best possible way.


I not only fell in love with Nova Scotia, but I fell in love “in” Nova Scotia and have settled here in my new home. With a fascination of the concept of living a healthy, happy life, I live surrounded by the inspiring beauty of this stunning country and the amazing opportunities for activity that it offers, along with my husband and zoo of animals. I forever aim to continue to grow and live happily and become the best Osteopath I can be for my patients.

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