David Hud’homme

Osteopath (M.Ost)

Manual Osteopathic Practitioner

I joined the team at Maritime Osteopathy almost a year and half ago in June 2015.
I originally trained as a chef back in France about 13 years ago. I then moved to the UK where I have worked in the hospitality trade for over 10 years; as a chef but also a Bartender in some of the best cocktails bars in the London scene.
A back injury and a visit to an old French Osteopath back home in Nice, on the south coast of France led me to embark on this new lifelong learning experience that is Osteopathy.
Being in London at the time, the choice was obvious; The British School of Osteopathy (BSO). After five years of training I gained my Master’s in Osteopathy in 2013. This wouldn’t have happened without the help of one of my dear friend and colleague, Jen Sparks, who I was so happy to join here at Maritime Osteopathy.
The training at the BSO has allowed me to gain an excellent knowledge of anatomy, physiology and the last two years of the training in clinic has given me the chance to see and treat a wide variety of patients coming with different complaints.
After graduating I decided to expand my knowledge, and that is what I love about osteopathy; the learning does not stop. Over the last three years I attended various post graduate studies in cranial, visceral, functional and other courses related to osteopathy. On top of that I went back to working as an associate at the BSO evening clinic and some other practices in; central and south east London, Kent and also on the English coast near Brighton (where occasionally the sun comes up).
These last three years have given me the opportunity to broaden my knowledge but also treat and help a great deal of patients. I have interest in treating all sorts of patients who suffer with stress related issues, poor posture, low back pain and chronic degenerative conditions that particularly affect the elderly. I have a very patient-centred approach and being fairly active myself, I understand the needs of injured athletes who wish to return to their training and I can provide rehabilitation programs and exercises that would help prevent further injuries. Having a passion for movement I also attended a few courses with the Gray Institute in Chicago and Alberta which have given me more tools to add to my rehabilitation skills. I also attended different courses here in Halifax. My next step would be to learn and refine my knowledge in paediatrics and be able to treat babies.
I have never had the chance to come to Canada before. Having spent over 10 years in London where everyone lives on top of each other I felt like I needed some space, fresh air and I also missed skiing. Plus in Canada some people apparently speak French….so it seemed like the right choice for me. It has also giving me the chance to meet new people and discover another culture. I have also the chance to leave by the ocean and let’s face it; I love it and don’t intend to leave.

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Email: david@maritimeosteopathy.com