Care of Elderly

Although the aging process affects all of the systems of the body, our bodies are adaptable. Health and the healing capability of the body are always present, even though it may take a little longer for the tissues to rehabilitate as we age.

Through our comprehensive case history approach, we develop an awareness of your health history. This holistic approach to understanding you completely as an individual enables us to understand how you have the potential for developing the aches and pains or restrictions you present to us with.

Poor health and lack of improvement in symptoms are often blamed on degenerative changes from ‘ageing’.  However, with some insight, treatment and education, the degenerative changes seen on x-rays can often be proven not to be a permanent cause of pain or discomfort.

We also focus on preventative measures by informing you of simple and effective changes that will help avoid further problems in the future, enabling a better quality of life.

“Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are.”

Muhammad Ali – 1942